Beach Time Heavy Work

Heavy work, or proprioceptive input, helps to provide the muscles and joints with calming and organizing deep touch pressure. This input can also help to encourage body awareness by allowing for input that helps you to identify where your body is in space. Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and adventure! No matter where you are or what summer adventures you choose to explore, having activities to encourage heavy work is important to have on hand!

Tips for Traveling with Kids during the Summer!

As summer approaches planning family trips, whether it’s a road trip to the Poconos or a plane

ride to Disneyland, always guarantees a fun summer full of amazing memories. Sometimes

traveling to our destination takes a long time, making it difficult for kids to get their needs met

while in a confined space for a long period of time. This can result in sensory overload or a lack

of sensory input and lead to meltdowns. Below is a list of ideas you can use to provide your

child with adequate sensory input in order to limit meltdowns and make more family


Fine Motor Activities for SUMMER

Summer is here! Overcome the summer slide and create fun learning experiences for kids by incorporating sensory and fine motor play. I listed a few of my favorite summer activities that I have incorporated into my OT sessions. Ice painting, paper towel tie dye, and spray bottle painting!

Gross Motor Activities for SUMMER

School’s out for summer! You might be wondering how to find balance between work and your

child’s free time. Here are some physical activities to burn that unused energy while addressing

your child’s motor planning, bilateral coordination, body awareness, and safety awareness!

Tips and Tricks for Summer with kids who have Sensory Processing difficulties

For many kids summertime is full of exciting experiences from the sand on the beach to the

fireworks on the fourth of July however certain summertime experiences can be challenging for

kids with sensory processing difficulties. A messy ice cream cone, a loud amusement park, or an

unfamiliar playground could be overwhelming to a child who may have certain sensitives to

sensory stimuli. With some preparation and planning, you can help make summertime enjoyable

and fun for your child with sensory processing difficulties.

Back to School Tips

Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images It’s hard to believe that Summer is already coming to an end! The transition from summer back to school can be challenging for any child and even parents! Transitions in general can be anxiety provoking, especially a child who has difficulty processing sensory information. Let’s make sure your child […]