Beach Time Heavy Work

What is Heavy Work?

Heavy work, or proprioceptive input, helps to provide the muscles and joints with calming and organizing deep touch pressure. This input can also help to encourage body awareness by allowing for input that helps you to identify where your body is in space.

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and adventure! No matter where you are or what summer adventures you choose to explore, having activities to encourage heavy work is important to have on hand!

One of summer’s greatest adventures is going to the beach! We are so lucky on Long Island to have access to beautiful and fun beaches both north and south of us! Here are some fun and engaging heavy-work activities that can be done on your next beach day!

● Carrying buckets or water, dirt, or sand

● Digging in the sand or making sand castles

● Making a “sandman” instead of a snowman

● “Magic carpet ride” on the towel on the beach

● Seashell hunts

○ After collecting a bunch of seashells you can have your child sort them by size or make a design

● Bury items in the sand and go on a treasure hunt!

● Sea animal-themed animal walks

● Pulling or pushing a toy bag or a small cooler/lunch box

● Help setting up the beach equipment

Written by Kayleigh Rall MS OTR/L