It is by far my daughter's favorite place to be

The staff at Sensational Developmental is amazing. They create a calming and nurturing atmosphere for children of all abilities to grow and thrive. It is by far my daughter’s favorite place to be! I am very grateful to Sara and her wonderful staff!

You made a miracle happen

I wanted to let you know that we got everything we wanted in services at his CSE IEP meeting. Your expertise and experience along with never wavering on what’s right for the student made the team see there was no other option but to give him services and do what they can to help. He has been denied everything for 2 years. You made a miracle happen!!! I’m so appreciative of your attendance!!! This goes out to everyone, Kerry, Lynne, Julie & Jeanine too…. the entire amazing team. I’ll recommend you as often as I can.

It is a very special place indeed

Our 4-year-old daughter has been attending the enrichment class, “All the Write Moves,” since September 2020. From day one we have been so impressed with the staff and the facility! Her teacher greets the children warmly as they skip off to one of three rooms—each filled with new adventures for the day. After class she always takes the time to share the day’s activities and how to reinforce skills at home. We have been so thankful for the safe, loving, challenging and developmentally appropriate environment Sensational Development provides. It is a very special place indeed.

I'm so happy to see him doing all this

I just wanted to share how proud I am! On his own this morning he wrote and delivered mail and held the pen correctly, was focused when writing his letters. I’m so happy to see him doing all this when just a few short months ago he wasn’t able to. I’m so thankful for the writing classes and all the work the teachers and therapists put in with the children.

Teletherapy has been a lifesaver for my child

Being able to continue occupational therapy virtually has been a complete game changer for my child! It has not only returned a sense of normalcy to his weekly routine, and provided stability during these uncertain times, but it has been pivotal in developing self-management skills at home while on quarantine. The need for establishing healthy habits and routines has never been more important, especially for children who struggle with that under “normal” circumstances! The strategies my child is learning for stress management and overall emotional well-being are invaluable, especially now! The strategies he is learning to increase his activity level, both mental and physical, have made all the difference with his new reality which is, remote learning at home from school. As his parent, I am so grateful to be able to learn alongside my child and his therapist, in order to stay consistent with these most important strategies, routines and tools throughout the remainder of the week! Teletherapy has been a lifesaver for my child!

If we could give more stars, we would

Our son has been going here for over three years. It is, as his big sister calls it, “The Happy Gym.” Kindness from first phone call to front desk to all their staff including the many therapists; knowledgeable and caring OTs make goals fun and families are encouraged to be involved with a true team to help children reach their wonderful potential. They also offer inclusive opportunities through Yoga and other classes. Wonderful! If we could give more stars, we would! Forever thankful to Sensational Development xoxo

We are happy to be a part of the Sensational Development family

We are on our 4th week of telehealth visits. We love that through this platform my son is continuing to build on the skills he had been working on at Sensational Development. He looks forward to his weekly sessions and is excited to try different activities and games. We are happy to be a part of the Sensational Development family and are looking forward to the day we can get back into the gym. We are very thankful for Telehealth!