Down Syndrome
in Massapequa & East Northport, NY

Children with Down syndrome face unique challenges that can impact their daily lives. From motor skill delays to sensory processing difficulties, these hurdles may seem overwhelming. That’s why our team at Sensational Development is here to help children, teens, and young adults who have Down syndrome and their families. We offer comprehensive occupational therapy to support your child’s development so they can achieve independence, success, and improved wellbeing. Keep reading to learn more about Down syndrome, how it can impact your child’s life, and how pediatric therapy can support their growth and development. 

What Is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome number 21. This additional chromosome affects a child’s physical and cognitive development, which results in developmental delays and other challenges. While there is no cure for Down syndrome, pediatric therapy is a fantastic treatment that can help your child build the key skills they need for success and independence in life. 

What Are the Risk Factors for Down Syndrome?

While Down syndrome is not directly inherited from parents, maternal age is a significant factor that can lead to an increased risk of this condition. There is a higher incidence of Down syndrome in pregnancies where the mother is over 35 years old, though this does not mean that a baby born to a mother who is over 35 years old will absolutely have this condition. 

Aside from maternal age, researchers do not yet have a definitive reason why some children are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21 or how many factors can increase the risk of a child being born with this condition.

Signs and Symptoms of Down Syndrome

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of Down syndrome is essential for early intervention. Common indicators may include:

  • Distinct facial features, such as small ears or almond-shaped eyes
  • Low muscle tone (hypotonia)
  • Developmental delays in motor skills, speech, and language
  • Learning difficulties
  • Vision problems
  • Stubbornness or behavioral difficulties
  • Trouble paying attention

How Pediatric Therapy Helps Children with Down Syndrome

At Sensational Development, our dedicated pediatric therapists conduct thorough evaluations to understand the unique needs of each child with Down syndrome. This personalized approach allows us to create a targeted treatment plan, combining occupational therapy and sensory integration therapy as needed. We offer our services for children, teens, and young adults to ensure that your family has the tools and support you need for a sensational future.

Our occupational therapy focuses on enhancing fine and gross motor skills, promoting independence in daily activities, and addressing specific challenges associated with Down syndrome. Sensory integration therapy can be integrated into your child’s treatment plan as needed to address sensory processing difficulties, as well. 

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