What is Ayres Sensory Integration®?

Sensory integration is essential for everyday function. It refers to the ability to receive, process, organize, and respond adaptively to information received through our senses. The integration of the various sensory systems contributes to higher-level functions (Ayres, 1979). In addition, efficient sensory integration contributes to the development of motor functions, such as praxis, bilateral integration, and postural and ocular control (Schaaf & Mailloux, 2015). Thus, when a child experiences challenges with sensory integration, it may impact participation in a variety of daily activities.

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Benefits of Yoga for Children

Practicing yoga has countless benefits for your child. Yoga can help develop the

physical body by increasing strength, balance, and coordination, while also benefiting

your child’s mental well being by supporting emotional regulation and boosting their

self-esteem. One of the best things about yoga is how accessible it can be! There are

tons of free classes and resources online, and with just five minutes of yoga per day you

could start to see some benefits.

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Living a “Sensory Rich” Lifestyle

What are some of the things that you do daily, in order to keep yourself engaged and focused during the day? Do you need to have a mid-day snack, coffee, or walk? Do you journal everyday or participate in yoga or breathwork? What about participating in a weight lifting or cycling routine? Are you a baker or cook? The above mentioned activities are actually all common methods that people use to self-regulate!

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Importance of Sleep

Restful and adequate sleep provides the foundation for optimal occupational performance, participation, and engagement in daily life, a concept that is historically consistent with the development of occupational therapy. The impact of sleep on function and participation is incorporated into the repertoire of occupational therapy practitioners and addressed across the lifespan (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2014).

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Sensory Bins!

Sensory bins are beneficial tools that provide children with the opportunity to learn and explore through tactile play. They can be made out of containers or tubs and are filled with specific items and materials that excite multiple senses at once. Sensory bins can be used as individual play to help a child become focused or during group play to allow children to improve their social and play skills.

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Understanding Referrals

As holistic, client-centered, evidence-based practitioners, it feels as though we are both a stepping stone and a bridge, for our families to collect the next

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