Benefits of Writing on a Vertical Surface

Benefits of Writing on a Vertical Surface

Did you know that having your child write on a vertical surface can target many underlying skills needed for handwriting? Read more and Check out the benefits below!

  1. When a child writes on a vertical surface, it puts their wrist in an extended position. This provides improved stability in order to use an appropriate pencil grasp. 

  2. Writing and drawing on a vertical surface improves shoulder, wrist, and hand strength because your child will be working against gravity. 

  3. When writing on a vertical surface, it requires your child to cross midline to reach all areas of the paper. 

  4. To target core strength, have your child kneel or sit on an exercise ball in front of their paper taped onto the wall instead of having them sit on a chair. Strengthening the core helps improve stability needed to engage in fine motor tasks!

  5. Having your child hold their paper against a vertical surface with their non-dominant hand while writing with their dominant hand improves their ability to use both hands together. 

  6. Using whiteboards and chalkboards on a vertical surface can provide a fun alternative to writing on paper and keep children motivated to engage in handwriting activities. 

Written by Katelyn MS, OTR/L