The Benefits of Taking a Walk


Ways to incorporate Sensory Integration into a Walk

Going for a walk can be more than just a gross motor activity for your child. There are many ways to incorporate fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and introducing them to new textures while going for a walk. You can even work their brain while also working their body. Here are some ideas for you and your child’s next walk. 

Gross Motor/Heavy Work:

  • Pushing a stroller with weight inside of it

  • Pulling a wagon with weight inside of it

  • Jumping over cracks in the sidewalk

  • Carrying a heavy backpack or bag

  • Letting them ride their bike or tricycle

  • Jumping into puddles

Fine Motor:

  • Picking flowers.

  • Picking up sticks when you see them

  • Bringing chalk and having them draw shapes or letters for you to find your way back

  • Picking up any leaves you may see

Visual Motor:

  • Looking to see how many purple objects they can find or any color you want

  • Seeing how many different flowers you can find

  • Looking for different animals like birds and dogs

  • Finding out how many people have flags or decorations outside

  • Seeing how many other people are also out for a walk


  • Feeling the tree trunks

  • Touching the grass or the cement

  • Feeling the dirt

  • If there are puddles feeling the water

  • Walking without shoes on the cement, grass, or dirt 

  • Feeling the different leaves, grass, and bushes

By Jenna Norris, OTS