Happy Spring!

Spring is here; which means summer is just around the corner.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather that is on its way, and allow your kids to PLAY outside!  There are plenty of outside games and activities that your children can participate in that will address multiple skill areas, all while they are still having FUN!

 Here are some ideas to get you started:

·       Go to a playground: swing on the swings, climb on the monkey bars, slide down the slide

·       Have a catch

·       Volleyball with a beach ball

·       Water balloon toss

·       Go swimming

·       Blow bubbles, try popping them with only one finger, or trapping them between your hands

·       Create an obstacle course

·       Spray the garden

·       Plant flowers, dig, get dirty. Gardening is such great heavy work!

·       Wash the car

·       Pushing the lawn mower or wheel barrow (if age appropriate)

·       Scavenger Hunt in backyard

·       Bring in/out garbage pails

·       Slip’ n’ Slide

·       Go on a bike ride

·       Use sidewalk chalk

·       Squirt water guns

·       Draw with stick in sand or mud

·       Build a sand castle

·       Fly a kite

·       Walk the dog (with supervision)

·       Blow up balloons, pool floaties, beach volleyballs

·       Build an outdoor fort

·       Pull a wagon around

·       Jump on a trampoline

·       …..Get dirty!

 One of your child’s main occupations is to PLAY! That is how they learn about the world they live in, develop and strengthen their skills.

We hope this list may give you some ideas of how so many outdoor games and activities can facilitate skills in so many developmental areas.  Multi-sensory input is so important for developing brains and bodies!

 Happy Spring!