Yogapeutics Teacher Training

Back in August I had the opportunity to go to Yogapeutics in Austin, Texas for Aerial Yoga and Mindfulness training.  It was three days of yoga and aerial yoga, play, lots of core work and an abundance of information, ideas and knowledge.  I got to share three days with a small group of women all […]

Aerial Yoga from an Occupational Therapist’s perspective

When I first came across the Yogapeutics site I was hooked. I had heard of aerial yoga before but I had not fully explored it. As OTs using a sensory integrative frame of reference when working with children, aerial yoga is so exciting!  We use suspended equipment every day  with our clients, and we are […]

Mindful Movement at Sensational Development

We have had the great pleasure of working with some amazing children and their families.  We work with kids with varying abilities and backgrounds.  There is a recurring message that I kept hearing from parents and kids.   The stress of school, testing, peer pressure and achievement!!  We know that childhood does present challenges, but […]