What is Proprioception?

What is proprioception?

Many people consider proprioception our “sixth sense”. Proprioception allows us to sense our body’s movements and actions. It helps us determine how much force to use when holding, pushing, pulling, or lifting objects.

What is proprioceptive input?

Proprioceptive input is received throughout our muscles and joints that tells us about our movement and body position. Another way to describe proprioceptive input is heavy work.

How can it help my child?

Proprioceptive input can be regulating and organizing for many children, and provide them with movement that their body is craving! This movement can help them calm their bodies down and potentially allow them to better focus on tasks.

How can I provide proprioceptive opportunities at home?

– Pushing laundry baskets full of clothes

– Wall push ups

– “Sandwiches” with couch cushions. Child lays on a couch cushion and parent lightly pushes another cushion on top of them.

– “Burritos”- having your child roll up in to a blanket burrito and presses down to add toppings.

– Help to push the grocery cart when shopping

– Tight hugs

– Head squeezes – press down on top of child’s head

– Yoga

– Animals walks- crab, bear, frog jumps, kangaroo hops

– Weighted blanket

– Pillow fights

– Chewing gum

– Crunchy snacks

– Squeezing a stress ball

And so much more!

Proprioceptive input can be very helpful for any child and can be utilized throughout the day!

Written by June Gilhooly, OTS