Benefits of Obstacle Courses

When you think of obstacle courses you may envision things like Ninja Warrior or Wipe Out but they are also a fun game for kids to play.

Not only are obstacle courses a game but they are a great way to work on a variety of skills including:

Motor Planning: Motor planning is the ability to sequence and organize novel motor movements in a coordinated manner. Obstacle courses are a great way for kids to practice and develop the skills to plan, organize, sequence and execute motor movements. 

Bilateral Coordination: Bilateral coordination is the ability to coordinate movements of both sides of the body. Obstacle courses allow multiple opportunities for kids to utilize both sides of their body to create motor movements and navigate the environment. Whether its animal walks, climbing up the slide, or balancing, bilateral coordination skills are always needed during an obstacle course!

Sensory Integration: Sensory integration is the ability to receive, process, organize and respond adaptively to information received through our senses. Obstacle courses provide fun and creative ways to incorporate proprioceptive and vestibular input to calm and organize the body. It also helps children begin to process sensory information more effectively in a fun and engaging way. 


FUN!: Obstacle courses are a fun and creative way to play, exercise, and move the body!

Written by Kayleigh Rall, MS OTR/L