Tips and Tricks to Avoid the After School Meltdown

School is back and session! During school kids are expected to sit for a majority of the day and this can be challenging for most, especially for those with sensory processing difficulties. Here are some tips and tricks to help avoid that after-school meltdown while also getting homework done.

  • Have a crunchy snack or drink a thick smoothie through a straw to provide oral motor input that can be regulating.

  • Create an obstacle course where one of the steps is a portion of their homework. This will make homework into a fun game while also providing some proprioceptive input into their joints. 

  • Don’t complete homework right away! Give them a chance to come home and take a break before going right into homework. This break can include a movement video or yoga. It could also include going for a walk while the weather is still nice. 

  • Some great proprioceptive activities that can be done after school include jumping, carrying a heavy backpack, pushing/pulling heavy objects, animal walks, bear hugs, and pillow sandwiches.

  • Listening to calm rhythmic music such as drum circle beats or nature sounds.

Written by Jenna Norris, MS OTR/L