OT Month 2020

As OT Month comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the past 30 days. Never in my wildest dreams (or in yours I’m sure), did I expect to be quarantined, facing a global pandemic. We had plans; celebrations, work, a trip of a lifetime to Ireland – celebrating birthdays and Easter. Instead, I haven’t left home much at all in 7 weeks, am running a business from home, conducting tele-health OT and have had my roles, routines and daily life changed in such a significant way.

I’ve been mindful about the meaningful occupations I’ve engaged in, while between emails, zoom calls, research, networking, paperwork and life. In the midst of days with too much screen time, rain (way too much rain!) and general chaos, there have also been days full of play, obstacle courses, art, building, walking, gardening, cooking, experimenting with a sourdough starter, connecting with friends near and far in group video calls, family dinners over zoom from coast to coast, birthday parades (including my own 4 year old! – How is she FOUR?!) and pre-school over Google Classroom (Miss Grace – you are amazing!) I hope that when I reflect on this time in years to come, this is what I see and feel first. Not the fear, anxiety and stress, but the change in pace, family time, peace, resilience, support, love and meaning I have experienced in my daily life.

I have also watched an entire team of professionals support one another and adapt. Adaptation that occurred so quickly and without planning, and has resulted in their ability to deliver individualized, client centered tele-health OT sessions, allowing them to continue to provide the skilled clinical care they are so used to providing during such an unprecedented time. They have had to go from being on their feet, being in motion almost all day long, having a clinic full of equipment to use, engaging with their kiddos and co-workers to being at home in front of a screen most of the day (and we spend so much time advocating for balance and reduction of screen time). They have taken on roles such as marketing, administration, sales and more. Each therapist has been so creative, implementing therapeutic activities with whatever is available in their client’s home. They have used their knowledge and creativity to design home programs and create many social media posts to help give parents ideas of things to try at home. This transition has been done with grace and determination, despite feeling overwhelmed and the mix of emotions that we are all facing at times. I have never been so grateful for this profession, my career and this beautiful team we have built.

Patti and I have been working non-stop to ensure that we come back from this stronger than before. We will continue to be here to support you, your children and your family. Stay well and thank you for sharing your most precious gifts with us and for letting us into your homes at this time. I appreciate you all. We are thinking of each of you on a daily basis and cannot wait to see all your smiling kiddos engaging in their most important occupations (PLAY!) once we are back in the clinic.